Join the Upholstery Revolution with LullCo’s ‘Sponsor a Student’ Program

Are you part of the growing crowd of decor enthusiasts shocked by sky-high upholstery service prices? Or maybe you’re simply tired of waiting 6 months to a year to see your precious piece restored to its former glory. If this rings true, allow us to introduce you to LullCo’s groundbreaking ‘Sponsor a Student’ program.

The Upholstery Conundrum

Upholstery is an art that’s losing its artisans. With a higher demand for upholstery services than there are skilled tradespeople, the industry faces a crisis. This imbalance leaves customers facing exorbitant prices and long lead times across the entire nation.

LullCo has been combating this problem, teaching the art of upholstery to DIY enthusiasts at Maker Works, a local Maker Space in Ann Arbor, MI. Since relocating to the Ann Arbor area, I have began offering Upholstery Workshops three days a week and have taught more than 200 people. The results have been astounding – 39% of my students continue with further projects, some even starting to take clients of their own. The quality of work they produce, thanks to hands-on experience at every stage, is genuinely remarkable.

Sponsor an Upholstery Student

The ‘Sponsor a Student’ Solution

My ‘Sponsor a Student’ program aims to address the issues plaguing the industry while making custom upholstery more accessible. Very similar to a Dental School model, you the client, pays the school to allow it’s students to get well rounded, hands-on training while working on your project.

Here’s how it works: You fill out a form on my website detailing your upholstery project. I sit with my  students to estimate the time and cost of materials needed to complete it. We then submit the proposal to you for consideration. Once you’re comfortable with the cost and agree to let our talented students restore your beloved piece, we send over an official agreement and get to work!

My students, under my meticulous guidance, take over your project. But remember, while they are supremely talented, they are still learning. So, while we ensure the best possible restoration for your project, do bear in mind that these are students new to upholstery. We ask that you only bring items that aren’t too sentimental or valued over $100.

Affordable Upholstery Services

Affordable, Empowering, and Absolutely Necessary

The ‘Sponsor a Student’ program isn’t just about affordable upholstery services. It’s about nurturing new talent in a dying trade. By sponsoring a student, you are actively participating in the revival of the upholstery industry and helping to ensure this craft’s survival. Plus, who doesn’t love the thought of saving up to 2/3 of the cost on custom upholstery services?!


Ready to Upholster the World?

Eager to be part of the upholstery revolution? If you’ve got a chaise lounge, ottoman, or even an armchair that needs some TLC, jump over to our ‘Sponsor a Student’ sign-up form. Let’s bring affordable custom upholstery services to the masses and keep this beautiful trade alive, one chair at a time.

Don’t just think about it, get involved. Click here to become part of something big. Your sofa will thank you, and so will the future of the upholstery trade.