I’m so sorry you missed this opportunity! I have some good news for you though! I will be taking my Upholstery Camp on the road beginning this Spring to visit other states and towns! We will begin with the Great Lakes States and branch out from there. If you have a Maker Space or a shop or event space near you that you think would be into hosting one, put them in contact with me at lullcostudio@gmail.com. If we book a place based on your reference, you can attend the camp with us for FREE! This goes for anyone reading this too. My goal is to teach is many people as I can how do do Upholstery. I am happy to come to you if the circumstances line up!

On another note, I am now also offering Private Virtual Lessons. You can book 2-4 hours with me and I will walk you through your projects step by step and answer any questions you may have along the way. It’s not too late to start learning!

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