For newbies I always recommend getting extra fabric, and getting it for as low a price as possible because they are bound to make mistakes. Mid grade to high end upholstery fabric starts at about $40 a yard. There are lots of alternatives though. Antique markets, eBay, thrift stores all have great options. My happy place however is Discount Fabric Outlet in Clawson, MI. All of their home décor fabric is beautiful designer fabrics that have been discontinued or are overstock, so they carry very high end quality stuff all for just $7.99 a yard. While you’re there, scootch across the street to Haberman’s. They have thousands of samples of some of the most beautiful fabrics you have ever seen, and the staff is quite knowledgeable! If you can’t make the truck, try searching for fabric resale near you. Someone in town knows where to get the good stuff ?.

Here is a my old collection of gems. All from Discount Fabric outlet. On this day my friend Heather and I took pics of every roll I had. It was an incredible waste of time, but it was one of my favorite days. <3