That does look like a LOT of work!

For the record, I think anyone can attempt just about any upholstery project as a newcomer, so long as you have time and patience. I fully believe if you can follow a recipe, you can learn to do this skill. Everything becomes easier with practice.

All that being said, this is a difficult piece. Even if you didn’t reupholster it in the complicated way it is now, and picked a more simplified design, recliners themselves are tricky because you have to disassemble and reassemble them. Typically the reupholstery part is easier because you get to do each piece individually, but the reconstruction can be a doozey if you didn’t keep good records up front.

If you do attempt this on your own remember to take LOADS of pictures and video of every angle, every step of the ay. Locate the screw holes, don’t cover them up, keep the hardware labeled in a safe place… DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! You will need it for reference when you go to put everything back together.

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