Translated by Google:
“Hello, I am redoing an English style seat and there were 9 springs on the backrest. The straps were not attached. Is this normal? And I can’t find a tutu (tutorial?) to redo the folder with mery springs”

Please forgive me if the translation was not correct. This would be my first attempt at answering a question here in a language I do not speak or understand. Luckily technology allows me to get the general idea by just doing a simple search! I hope this helps…

Because the skills of upholstery have been so poorly passed down through generations, many upholsterers are ‘self taught’ or learn by doing. Because of this you will se something unique and unfamiliar in just about every project you open up.

For this particular project it might be normal to see jute straps here under the springs on the back, or a heavy duty material like burlap or chip board… You may not find any springs at all! Modern furniture may just use jute, burlap, and foam or padding.

Similarly, you can reassemble your work in just about any way imaginable, as long as you keep some fundamentals in mind…

  1. Don’t make any structural changes to your project unless you are familiar with frame building and the physics of how humans use furniture. Otherwise you may be compromising the integrity of the infrastructure.
  2. Think of how a toddler, pet, or drunk human might use it. Reassemble your infrastructure in a way that can handle the use o f the furniture. Will it be a high traffic piece? Then you need the seat and back to be able to handle a lot of weight. Jute webbing is great for this, but not always applicable. Springs add a lot of life to seating and backs because they keep their springiness even when the foam wears away over time. Is it just going to collect laundry? then a piece of chip board or strong burlap or canvas with foam and batting on top will do. You really just have to consider the use.

If you have specific questions about your project, you can join my Upholstery Club and submit a post. There are also lots of How-to-Tie-Springs tutorials there for you to watch and learn as you go! Just give it a search. Hope that helps!