Upholstery Services

If your curious about how much upholstery services cost, you can check out my general pricing guide. This is a great jumping off point to establish whether professional services fit within your budget.

Learn Upholstery

Whether you are local to me or on the other side of the world, I have Upholstery Class options for you. You can choose from my In-Person, Weekend Camp, or Online or Private Upholstery Classes to help you get your journey started.

Online & In-Person Upholstery Classes

You don't need permission to learn upholstery. Learn how to reupholster your own projects when you sign up for my online or in-person hands-on upholstery workshops. Private lessons also available.

Weekend Upholstery Camps

Come visit for a 4 day weekend to take advantage of my back-to-back Upholstery Workshops, or join me this spring and summer at a Maker Space near you, for one of my Weekend Upholstery Camps!