The LullCo LIVE Weekend Upholstery Camp Tour is designed to bring DIY Upholstery Education to more communities while highlighting the features and reosurces of Maker Spaces and relevant venues around the US. The goal is to grow awareness for the increasing demand to hire skilled artisans in the Upholstery Industry. Where I have found success teaching these workshops from my own local Maker Space, within my own community, I know you can experience the benefits hosting them in yours.


  • Morning – Afternoon: Kymm will visit a local upholsterer for hands-on lessons.


  • Evening dinner meet & greet with the participants and venue owners to discuss projects and plans. Meal provided by LullCo

Saturday & Sunday:


  • Intensive upholstery workshops from 9am to 6pm, with 1 hour lunch provided.


  • Lunch Time meet and greet with industry professional guest speakers via Zoom.


Benefit from a 30-day multi-platform campaign, complete with customizable assets, press releases, and email feature.



Take advantage of targeted advertising focused on your specific location to attract a local audience.



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I attended the Spring Upholstery retreat, and let me start by saying it was more than just learning how to upholster furniture. The weekend was filled with friendship, connection, amazing food, and phenomenal accommodations at The Newton. Kymm goes above and beyond to make sure everyone feels they are receiving value for their time and money. She takes immense pride in her creative community and it shows in everyone who has the privilege of learning from her. There are 100 of workshops I could have taken, but I drove from Massachusetts to take this one and I will do it again and again. When you take a workshop with Kymm, it’s more than a workshop – it’s creating memories, life skills, and connections that will last a lifetime.

Kris Gurky